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    The Everyday Carry Light 2, an upgraded version of our popular EB2 Backup, delivers a blinding 1,200 lumens of white light on its high setting and 5 useful lumens on low. Its beam is shaped by a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens is incredibly versatile at either setting, with plenty of reach and ample surround light for maintaining situational awareness. Press and hold its ergonomic tactical tailcap switch once for all 1,200 lumens; press slightly for momentary low output activation and press fully for momentary high output activation. The EDCL2-T's hard-anodized, knurled-aluminum body resists the elements and provides a secure grip in even wet conditions or while wearing gloves. Powerful yet portable enough for everyday carry; this useful flashlight features a convenient two-way pocket clip that allows for bezel-up or -down carry.